Penne Alfredo Kit


Ingredients For 2 People For 4 People
House made Alfredo jar 237.5g
Durum wheat penne 
300g 600g
Grana padano cheese
20g and 7.5g (for salad)
40g and 15g (for salad)
Garlic toasted filone
Quarter Loaf Half Loaf
Romaine Salad Mix 115g 230g
Caesar Dressing 25g 50g 
Powdered parm 10g 20g
Coarse Salt 30g 60g

Cooking instructions included.

    Suggested Beer Pairing: Sunsetter 4.8% | 16 IBU

    Wheat Ale. Ripe peach flavour and bold Citra hops set the mood in this unfiltered summer ale. A refreshing taste for the senses.

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