Chicken Stir Fry Kit


Ingredients For 2 people For 4 people
Free range fraser valley chicken 230g 460g
Fresh vegetable pack 315g 630g
Long grain jasmine rice 285g 570g
Miso yoghurt 47.5g 95g
Soy lemongrass sauce 112.5g 225g
Scallions 7.5g 15g
Vegetable oil packet 12.5g 25g
Seasoning packet 12.5g 25g
Toasted sesame seeds 5g  10g

Cooking instructions included.

Suggested Beer Pairing: 
Windstorm 5.4% | 35 IBU

West Coast Pale Ale. Tropical fruit and citrus hop character give our Windstorm Pale Ale a medium body and full unfiltered flavour. Brace yourselves. It’s a flavourful force of nature that’s best enjoyed with adventurous friends.

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